Hunting for treasure at Spon Gate Primary

Event poster

Friday 7th July was the Spon Gate Primary School summer fete.  Sustrans ran a free treasure hunt activity which was designed to help us meet more people in Spon End,  learn more about the neighbourhood and give people a fun introduction to the ‘Local People, Spon End’ project.

Fete goers were invited to guess where the treasure was ‘buried’ on a treasure map of Spon End, with the chance to win a high street shopping voucher.


We also asked people to help us by answering a simple question – ‘What is your favourite thing about the neighbourhood where you live?’

Fete goers provided a wide range of answers, with ‘My friends’ being a popular response. A number of younger participants gave the answer ‘playing outside’ as one of their favourite things, ‘the open spaces’ and the area being ‘nice and quiet’ were also answers provided several times.


Over the next few months we will be running many simple activities like this, to build a picture of how local people feel about Spon End, what matters most to them about their environment and to gather new ideas

Following the event we can now reveal that the winner of the treasure hunt game was Jessica Pulford, who correctly guessed that the treasure was buried in Broomfield Park. Well done Jessica!

What next? Look out for us on Monday 17th and Wednesday 19th July. We will be outside the shops on Upper Spon Street  during the afternoons, asking people to share their opinions and ideas about public spaces in Spon End. Come and join in!

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