Street conversations – learning what you think about Spon End!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been outside the shops on Upper Spon Street, chatting to passersby about Spon End. The afternoons have been a particularly good time to talk to parents and children heading home from Spon Gate Primary School.

We asked people a couple of simple questions about Spon End, which they were invited to answer by adding stickers to opinion charts and writing ideas on post-its. The questions were intended to help us start gathering people’s views and ideas about Spon End. Did you spot us?


The first question we asked was ‘How are you feeling about Spon End?’ A really open question to gauge general opinions about Spon End as a place, a snap shot of how people were feeling on the days we were out and about chatting. People were asked to place a sticker on a chart to represent how they felt.

The image below provides a summary of how people answered, it was nice to see that most people were feeling positive about Spon End on the days we were out questioning…

WEB feedback - how are you feeling today updated 3107


The second question we asked was ‘What would you like to see in Spon End?’ with a range of different options for people to select ideas from, again by placing stickers on a chart. We also asked people to write down any other ideas they wanted to contribute on post-its.

The image below provides a summary of how people answered. More community events and social activities in Spon End was a very popular choice, as was improved road safety for people walking and cycling.

WEB Feedback - What would you like to see in spon end updated 3107

Lots of people contributed other ideas and opinions on post-its. These we have typed up below…

Feedback (July pt1)

Do you agree with these comments? What do you think of the streets and public spaces around Spon End?

Over the next few weeks we will be out and about having more conversations like these around Spon End, more details will be coming soon.

You can also send us an email via this website or a message over Facebook. Get in touch and join in!

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