Spon Spun Festival 2017

Over the summer we were really excited to be part of the amazing Spon Spun festival! Spon Spun is the local arts and heritage festival that celebrates all things Spon End, providing fantastic free ways to get creative and learn more about the local area.

Spon Spun Outside

If you were at the festival you might have seen us at the ‘Spon Spun Outside’ events on the 5th August and 2nd September, held on the grass next to the Rose Community Centre. We had a giant bubble making kit for people to have a go with, which was very effective for attracting people’s attention! We chatted to people about the local area and invited them to complete one of our postcards. The postcards were printed with a choice of two sentences to complete –  ‘ The best thing about Spon End is…’ and ‘My perfect street has…’

People completed the postcards with a wide variety and creative range of answers, some people even drew us pictures of their ideas!


After these events we created ‘wordle’ diagrams from the completed postcards, to see which ideas and themes people mentioned the most. The more often an idea or theme was mentioned on the postcards, the larger the text appears on the ‘wordle’!

In the ‘wordle’ below you can see how people finished the sentence ‘The best thing about Spon End is….’

Best thing about Spon End wordleBelow you can see how people completed the sentence ‘My perfect street has…’

My perfect street wordleSpon Spun Street Poems

As part of Spon Spun Festival we also worked to bring poems written by children of Spon Gate Primary School out onto local streets. Pupils from the school worked with local poet Mary Courtney to write poems inspired by Spon End. We had stencils made from a selection of the poems, which we then used with temporary spray chalk to leave colourful and thoughtful phrases around the neighbourhood. Did you spot any?

The intention was to turn the poems into a trail around Spon End, with a treasure hunt activity to happen on the main festival weekend in September. Unfortunately the weather was extremely wet before the main festival weekend and the stenciled poems became very smudgy, so we weren’t able to do the treasure hunt this time! Maybe next year?

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