Subway Workshops

Subway event posterWe’ve now held three workshops talking to local people about the Spon End subways, particularly the one which links Spon Street and Upper Spon Street. We’ve been keen to hear about your current views and experiences of using the subway and your ideas for a ‘make-over’ –  if you could do anything you wanted to improve the subway, what would you do?

Why are we talking about the Subways?

For a few reasons!…

  • Subways have been mentioned in our general conversations with people in Spon End.
  • They were highlighted at the recent White Friars consultation mapping event – people were keen to identify them as a feature in need of improvement or problematic in some way.
  • Before the Spon Spun festival the Council started to clean up the Spon Street subway – which was great! The Council also began to paint over the old tiles to refresh the look of the subway, but some people were not keen to see the old tiles covered and complained about this. As a result the Council paused with this work, to allow time for a wider conversation around what people would like to see happen with the subway to take place.
  • So many people use the subway to travel in and out of town – it is something that people use and see regularly.

There has been a good turn-out of people at our workshops and we’ve been really excited by everyone’s enthusiasm and creativity. We’ve even tried a temporary trial adding colour to the existing subway lights! You can read a full write up of these events by clicking here.

This update was emailed round to all those who attended our recent workshops. If you would like to be added to the email list or get involved in the project, please get in touch. Everyone is welcome and we want your ideas!

Thanks to Tara Rutledge for these great photographs.

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